PSU:200 Mobile screening unit


PSU:200 Mobile Screening Unit

The PSU:200 From DBS Processing Ltd makes the separation of various liquids and solids Simple. The single standalone unit is designed to be incredibly easy to transport and use on a daily basis. By using our vast knowledge and expertise in various industries, we have designed and produced the very best in mobile screening machinery. With its "plug and play" design along with the ability to separate liquids and solids ranging in size from 0.5mm to 15mm the PSU:200 is truly versatile. By utilising the maximum area available on the rear of a standard twelve yard skip vehicle DBS Processing Ltd have ensured that productivity is optimised allowing operational costs and on site working time to be kept to a minimum. Whether simply dewatering sand, screening problematic rag/digestate or washing products with the use of the integrated spray bar system, the multifunctional PSU:200 can give you a fast inexpensive temporary or permanent solution to your processing needs. 


Rag removal from sludge          

Grit removal from sludge 

Temporary import screen 

Pre screen prior to processing 

Post digester screen

Screen for river dredging

Effluent screening

Digestate screening

Food washing screen

Mobile screening unit

sludge screening

Technical Information

  • Maximum Capacity 160,000 l/h
  • Water Requirements 0-16,000 l/h
  • Power Requirements 15kw 
  • Screening Area - 3.2m x 1.2m
  • Transport Details - 12 yard chain lift skip vehicle or RORO
  • Dry Weight - 4.4t  
  • Connection Type - 6 Inch Bauer coupling 
  • Screening Media - Polyurethane                                                                                                              

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