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PSU:200 Mobile Screening Unit, Rag Screen, Grit Screen, Tank Cleaning, Digester Cleaning, Lagoon

The PSU:200 solves the problem  of separating solid particles up to 50mm from various liquids with ease. This mobile unit provides an effective separation method for liquids containing rag, organics, plastics, sand/grit, gravel or other contaminants and can separate down to 0.5mm. The machine can be transported using a standard chain lift skip lorry or mounted to a RORO body for hooklift transporting.

Perfect for companies looking for a no frills, basic and affordable primary screen solution. Can be used independently or in conjunction with the SSU:200

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SSU:200 Mobile grit recovery,Sand plant,Mobile Screening,Grit Screen,Tank Cleaning,Digester Cleaning

The SSU:200 from DBS Processing Ltd is a high efficiency mobile grit recovery system specifically designed to facilitate the effective separation of sand/grit and other dense materials from various liquids. 

The SSU:200 incorporates and improves on proven industry technologies allowing DBS Processing Ltd to offer the complete reliable, versatile and affordable package to its customers. 

If you are looking to reduce your waste disposal costs whilst reducing the volume of  waste going to landfill then the click the link below to find out further information.

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Ultrafines Plant

Ultrafines Plant,Fine silt screen,Silt recovery,Sand plant,Cyclone,Cyclone cluster,Suspended solids

A DBS Processing Ltd ultrafines recovery system allows for further separation of fine particles from sludge/silt. With the ability of recovering particles sizes down to 20 microns and more, it allows materials to be recovered and reused in applications that would not have otherwise been possible.

This also results in a cleaner discharge liquid with less suspended solids content.

This unit is ideal (but not exclusive)  for people who have an existing washing plant/screening unit who want to go the extra step to reduce water disposal and water usage costs.


Grit/Rag Recovery Plant


The Combined Rag/Grit recovery system incorporates both stages of separation used in our PSU:200 and SSU:200 screening units. The rag is screened using the vibrating screen then the remaining grit is recovered using a hydracyclone, the grit is dewatered prior to discharge.

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Mobile Grit/Rag Recovery


Achieving the same outcome as the combined Rag/Grit removal system by using both a PSU:200 and SSU:200 in series, it allows users to have a completely mobile system capable of separating solids from liquid at high volumes on various sites. This is especially useful for digester tank or lagoon cleaning.


Road Sweepings Washing Plant


DBS Processing can offer a number of different solutions for washing and separating road sweeping depending on customer preferences and desired throughputs. The result is a reduction of approximately 80%-90% of material needing to be disposed of and recovery of materials that can be sold for use.


Ultra Sep 325 Mobile Screening Unit


 The Ultra Sep 325 From DBS Processing Ltd makes the separation of Rag and grit from various liquids and solids Simple. The standalone unit is designed to be incredibly easy to transport and used on a daily basis. By using our vast knowledge and expertise in various industries, we have designed and produced the very best in mobile screening machinery. With its "plug and play" design along with the ability to separate liquids and solids ranging in size from 40mm to 63 microns the Ultra Sep 325 is truly versatile. With the development of this machine DBS Processing Ltd have ensured that productivity is optimised allowing operational costs and on site working time to be kept to a minimum. Whether simply dewatering sand, screening problematic rag/digestate or washing products with the use of the integrated spray bar system, the multifunctional Ultra Sep 325 can give you a fast inexpensive temporary or permanent solution to your processing needs.  

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