SSU:200 Mobile Grit Recovery


The SSU:200 from DBS Processing Ltd is a high efficiency mobile grit recovery system specifically designed to facilitate the effective separation of sand/grit and other dense materials from various liquids using a hydracyclone. The SSU:200 incorporates and improves on proven industry technologies allowing DBS Processing Ltd to offer the complete reliable, versatile and affordable package to its customers. Transportable using a standard roll on roll off skip vehicle it can be moved between site and set up with ease.


Mobile sand plant

Grit removal from sludge

Lagoon Cleaning 

Digester Cleaning 

Dredging Screen 

Dewatering sludge

Wet waste processing

Removing solids from wastewater

Removing silt from wastewater

Technical Information

  • Maximum Flow Rate - 180,000 l/h
  • Maximum Tonnage - 50tph
  • Water Requirements - 0-16,000 l/h
  • Power Requirements - 45kw
  • Screening Area - 3.2m x 1.2m
  • Hydracyclone Diameter - 500mm
  • Particle Capture Size 63 microns
  • Transport Details - Standard Hook Lift 
  • Dry Weight - 8.8t                                                                                                                                          


SSU:200 Mobile Grit Recovery Unit

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